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  • Distribution (Major Platforms)
  • Copyrights
  • PR
  • Marketing
  • DJ pools
  • Major Record submittals
  • Radio
  • Promotion
  • App Construction
  • Tour Creation
  • SEO

Distribution Packages
Packages with Promotion services start as low as $399
Packages without Promotion services for singles, EP, and LP (Inquire for Prices)

Consulting Packages Available (Inquire for Prices and details)


Tour Placement

Are you ready to expand your fan base? Well, touring is the next step and the perfect opportunity to gain new fans, network with to radio contacts, and other artists. At American Monster Guild, we can assist you with tour placement, and or organizing your own tour that will make you money to invest into your own project or business. (Inquire for budget requirements)


At American Monster Guild we do the work for you, from copyrights, licensing, publishing royalty paperwork, trademark paperwork, etc.