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Pace Brown was born in Harlem, New York during a time where the
smell of catfish and fries lived against the sounds of gunshots
and carjackings. From the age of five while listening to music
daily outside the famed Harlem music bar “Nikki’s”, Pace knew
that he wanted to be a musician. It was then Pace learned to
play the violin, and later added the trumpet
and drums to his repertoire.

Pace’s climb up the musical ladder began at age 14 as a freshman in High
School as he climbed the ranks within the underground battle rap scene.
Throughout his high school years, he gracefully juggled the demands of
a full time job while going to high school and rapping. After High School,
Pace attended Virginia Union University, a Historically Black College
in Richmond, Virginia where he continued to hone his
rap skills and songwriting abilities.

Pace took a quick break from music to start a family, but shortly realized that
music was a dream of his that only he could achieve. Setting his sights on
Las Vegas, whose underground music scene is rich and diverse, full of
eclectic international sounds, Pace is a force to be reckoned with.
He can be found performing five nights out of the week, and
is often asked to perform at showcases and talent competitions.

Pace is a one of a kind artist. His multitude of releases have continued to get
him press and fans with every state that he travels to. This accomplished
artist has helped other artist groom their brand by producing, and writing
along his own individual journey. They say the mark of a man is how he is
able to help others, and Pace Brown is truly a perfect example of this.
Pace is a one-man show, insisting that everything he signs his name to be
uniquely his. He writes, produces and records all his own material.
Known for his dynamic performances that easily draw all audiences
members in regardless of their own familiarity with his sound,
it won’t be long until you hear his first Top 40 hit on the radio.


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