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Aaron Shivers born (February 2, 1989)in Rockford, IL better know as Nostress L.Y.F.E is an american hip hop/Reggae/RnB artist based out of Las Vegas raised in East Moline ,IL. He spent most of his life playing sports and also in and out of the streets. L.Y.F.E is a well known individual that gained popularity from sports, throwing crazy parties, being on the radio and his family in the streets. Being raised by his mom and well known step dad not knowing his biological father too well he was raised right with the correct morals and values through his step dad! L.Y.F.E attended high school in East Moline and went to College at the University of Dubuque and got his 4 year college degree in marketing. After college L.Y.F.E became a radio personality/DJ at a radio station that was falling off and pushed it back to the top with his popularity! After 4 years of being a radio personality L.Y.F.E moved to Chicago and began working out of Studio Chicago(well known studio in Chicago) while meeting connects to take his music more serious! In 2011 L.Y.F.E teamed up wit 4 friends to start Nostress Ent band began pushing his music to the top! L. Y.F.E is now studying to be a actor and is living in Las Vegas now signed with the management company AMG located in Las Vegas ran by Devon Brabham to further push his music career! L.Y.F.E also management 5 artists through the country. L.Y.F E is a great artists with smooth delivery, great story telling,and is very unique and authentic with his music! L.Y.F.E has put out two mixtapes underrated and Ghetto Royalty; now working on his EP along with his producer Jeremy Vigilante and his DJ DJ slim of nerve DJs to become the best artist of his generation. His motivation,drive and work ethic should make his a voice in today’s world and he plans on taking the world by storm!