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American Monster Guild CEO Devon Brabham carves out a lane for Independent Artists For years American Monster Guild CEO has been quietly extending his hand to teach, mold, and rise up the young talented artists of America. This former college standout of the University of Oklahoma, is a far way away from hitting the books on his way to two double degrees, as he guides the next generation of hip hop legends. “Hip-hop is a weird place in its life, I’m just trying to do my part to make sure I leave it in a better place in which I found it”. With talented artists like Jaysmoove, Rob Mack, Young VIP, LYFE, King Slim, King Juno, Explicit and Kflyy he has built a variety of artists that appeal to all genres of music, not just hip hop. What makes American Monster Guild CEO so valuable and sought after in the music industry is his experiences that he has had. One notable experience was when he was an A&R for Indie Music Factory/ Ingrooves/Universal Music Group. “During my time hear I learned to recognize my value as a professional in this business, I vowed I would never sell my company”. As he declined to go into all the details of his departure, he did say that he did a Dr. Dre and left with a lot more than he came in with. These days he has American Monster Guild reaching new heights, a new distribution deal with Sony/Orchard, and 3 sub companies all operating in their own individual capacities. He has been able to create a platform specifically for independent artists, which includes its marketing and promotion services, blogs, PR services, consulting, and distribution services. I want to help artists that have budgets and are serious about their craft, because I’m serious about American Monster Guild and what it means to so many people. American Monster Guild is carving its own lane, one brick at a time, through one artist at a time, the AMG way!


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